We’ve placed our prettiest, more popular styles below. ┬áIf you want a dress in a different color, tell us and we’ll do our best to make it to your specifications.

Elephant Dress, Leggings & Hat

Item 400.


Shop ’til You Drop Dress

Item 422.


Fancy Colonial Dress

Our Fancy Colonial Dress in powder blue

Item 443


Opening Night Gown and Faux Fur Stole


Item 438.

Black & Gold Elegance

Item 414B.


Purple Daytime Dress

Item 439.


1st Communion

First Communion Dress & Veil.

Item 415.


Lavender Flowered Elegance

Lavender Elegance Dress

Item 414F.


Spring Dress

Item 420.


Lavender Sun Dress & Hat

Item 404.


Dress, Crop Top & Purse

Dress, Jacket & Purse

Item 457.


430a - Sundress & Hat

Flowered Summer Dress & Hat.

Item 430A.


Alice in Wonderland dress & headband

Item 441.


Princess Ball Gown

Princess Blue Ball Gown

Item 442.


Elegance Dress

Elegance Dress in pink

Item 414-1



Roaring 20’s Flapper is available in Royal Blue, Red, Teal and Purple.

Item 445



Lavender Sparkle Elegance

Lavender Sparkle Elegance Dress

Item 414S.


Our version of Merida, the Celtic Princess.

Item 425


Ruffled Sun Dress

Ruffled Sun Dress and Hat.

Item 405.


’50’s Prom Dress

Item 449.


Our version of the Princess Elsa gown & cape.

Item 410


Our version of Princess Anna’s ensemble includes blouse,vest, skirt and cape.

Item 411.


Princess Elena dress

Item 402.


Our version of Cinderella’s gown

Item 431.


Our version of Rapunzel’s gown

Item 429.


Our version of Princess Belle’s gown.

Item 412.


Our version of Snow White’s dress.

Item 417.


Our version of Maleficent includes dress, robe and headpiece.

Item 139.



Our favorite girl from OZ.

Item 426


Turquoise Christmas Dress

Item 414T.


414G - Gold Christmas Dress

Gold Christmas Elegance Dress

Item 414G


Christmas Candy Elegance

Item 414CL.


414D - Dark Gold Holiday Elegance

Dark Gold Elegance Christmas Dress

Item 414D.


Red Elegance with Gold Bells and Holly

Item 414RG.


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