We have a nice variety of clothes for your doll to wear when you and she go out to play or travel, as well as some “just for fun” stuff you will both enjoy.

Fleece Coat & Hat

Item 508.


Bee Rain Set

Bumblebee rain set includes the hat, coat, purse and boots.

Item 500.


Pants, Poncho & Beret

Item 516T.


Madeline Coat & Hat

Item 510.


501 - Apres Ski

Apres Ski includes hat, long-sleeved tee, vest and ski pants.  (Boots sold separately.)

Item 501.


Green Short Coat & Hat

Mint Green Short Coat & Hat.

Item 503G.


Lavender Coat, Hat & Mittens

Lavender Coat, Hat & Mittens

Item 504L.


Zebra Sparkle Jacket & Silver Pants

Item 10.


Panda Hoodie & Leggings

Item 526.


Pink Coat & Hat

Item 504P


Native American faux fur trimmed parka & pants.

Item 130.


Ladybug Rain Set

Ladybug Rain Set includes the raincoat, hat, purse and ladybug boots.

Item 502.


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