We want your special doll to enjoy sports anytime. Our assortment of sports attire will assure she has fun regardless of the time of year.

Tankini Set

Tankini Set includes Hat, 2-piece suit & jellies.

Item 521.


Black Velvet Skater

Black Velvet & Hearts Ice Skater

Item 513-18


Deluxe Swim Set includes a 1-piece tank, 2-piece bikini & wrap skirt, towel bag & jellies.

Item 520a.


Let’s Roll includes tee, skirt, leggings and roller skates.

Item 523.


Multi-striped Ice Skater

Item 513-4


Yoga Outfit

Yoga Set includes jacket, tank top, pants & yoga mat.

Item 524.


Soccer set include shirt & shorts.  Choose your own color & number.

Item 517



Black & Flame Skater

Black & Flame Ice Skater

Item 513-15


Karate for Logan

Item 514B


Red Velvet Skater

Red Velvet Long-sleeved Ice Skater

Item 513-11


Green Flowered Swim Suit

Green Flowered Swim Suit & Towel Bag

Item 519G.



Soccer Set includes the shirt, shorts & ball.  Available in Royal Blue, Green, Black & Red.  Shoes sold on the ACCESSORIES page.

Item 517.





Item 514.



Cheerleader & pom-poms.

Item 515.


Gymnastic Set includes the tank and a gym mat.

Item 507.


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